The record is only going to be as good as the hook is.” In most every song, he candidly expressed his feelings to show his audience, which was predominantly female, that he was not afraid to share what it is like to be in love with a good woman, a bad woman or both. "Running Stop Lights," a cut with a haunting vibe of yearning for a forbidden lover, expresses how hard it is to love someone who belongs to another. Making a woman happy in the bedroom was a theme he seemed to enjoy singing about as much as he enjoyed the audience’s reaction to it. Unpretentious, Waiters said, "I sing about real life from the experiences I've gone through and people respond because they've been through it, too."

He often performed to sell-out crowds on blues tours and festivals, including:

▪ New Orleans' Big Easy Blues Fest, Feb. 2015
▪ Frankie Beverly and Maze, June 2014
▪ Tri-State Blues Fest, 2014
▪ Ambassador Concert,
▪ Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival, 2013

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